Block Watch

Block Watch is a program based on the principle that neighbors working together are the first and best line of defense against crime.  Block Watch has been shown to be an effective deterrent of crime at the neighborhood level.

In 2010 block watch captains in Broadview formed a group that meets quarterly to discuss crime prevention topics.  The group has identified over fifty blocks in Broadview that have organized a block watch.  The captains maintain a Yahoo Group that is limited to block watch captains.  There is also an open website, Broadview  Block Watch.

Block Watch requires two basic commitments:

  • A commitment to be concerned about your neighbor’s property and well being as well as your own.
  • A commitment that when you see suspicious activity, you will take action by alerting your neighbors and by calling 9-1-1.

Block Watch really just organizes and extends what you are probably already doing on an informal basis.  We tend to know and watch out for our closest neighbors, but a group of neighbors at one end of the block who are doing this may not know the group of neighbors at the other end of the block.  Organizing a Block Watch makes this attitude of watchfulness more systematic, and provides a block map or contact list with neighbors’ names, telephone numbers and emails that can be used in case of an emergency.

You can form a block watch on your block if you don’t already have one.  The Seattle Police Department has good reference material online for forming and maintaining a block watch, and using crime prevention methods.

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  1. Between the blocks of 110th and 115th st, Greenwood ave and Evanston, there is a coyote. Discovered two dead cats yesterday morning in that area and on my way home from work spotted a coyote in the middle of 110th st. Followed him around on my bike for about 5 minutes, he likes alleys and for some reason was sticking to streets or alleys like he needed to but eventually slipped into an open yard where I didn’t want to trespass. Beware, if you spot it, contact animal control so we don’t have any more pet deaths in the neighborhood. Easy to tell, does not look like a dog, does not run like a dog, big bushy tail, only a few feet tall, not huge.

    • I have been seeing a large Coyote on 120 by 6 street for the last month around the times between 11 Am and 2 Pm
      Also their is a Van parked at the Corner of 6 and 120 th with what looks like someone living in it for at least a day . Police been by and talking to them at 7 Pm on Sunday night .

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