Public Safety Contact Numbers

Police Fire and medical emergencies                        911

Incidents not needing officer to be dispatched          206-625-5011

North Precinct: 10049 College Way N.                         206-684-0850

North Precinct Watch Commanders                            206-684-0856  

     Thank you or concerns                                           

Community Police Team                                                206-684-0794          

     Chronic ongoing problems

      not resolved by 911                                              

Down or missing street signs                                       206-386-1206

Suspected drug activity                                                206-684-0748

Parking Enforcement                                                     206-625-5011                        

Website for crime updates and alerts                                                                       

Crime Statistics                                                                                                             

Sex Offenders                                                                                                              

Graffiti and illegal dumping Seattle Public Utilities      206-684-7587       

Street lights burned out, intermittent or flickering              206-684-7056          

Tree Overgrowth                                                                   206-684-7899

Inoperative vehicles on Private Property                      206-615-0808                  

Potholes & Street Repair north of Denny Way              206-684-7508