Application for improvements on 1st Ave NW and N 137th St


From our neighbor, Mike Maisen

I’ll be submitting an application for the City’s Your Choice/Your Voice next weekend for a free+funded solution to the intersection. What I still need is people to spread the word and send me their email. If you have a neighbor who doesn’t know about this effort, please share this email with them and ask them to contact me by Jan 26th! The projects that get the most votes win.

In parallel to the above effort, I’ve contacted/heard from Seattle Department of Transportation’s Safe Streets Coordinator. They said:

  • That our intersection looks competitive and we should definitely submit to the YC/YV fund.
  • We could also consider looking into a Neighborhood Greenway for 1st Ave NW or N137th st and applying for that, which would bring bike/walking improvements and an intersection solution.
  • By the end of this year, SDOT will be adding a signal to Greenwood/N 137th.

So far, I have the support of 15+ homeowners, as well as the Luther Memorial Church and members of the Broadview Thomson PTA Board.

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