North Precinct Advisory Council News

The North Precinct Advisory Council (NPAC) meets monthly.  Recently the meeting location was moved to Lakeside School.  Below are some of the notes from the September meeting. All the minutes of NPAC meetings are available here.

 Special Presentation Speaker: Detective Chris Brownlee, on describing his role as Nightlife Coordinator and the function of the Joint Enforcement Team (JET)

His position is full time as Nightlife Coordinator as SPD uniformed officer and there are a total of three officers assigned to the Joint Enforcement team.

The team is a co-compliance policy team with SPD, Mayor’s office, City Council, Finance Administrative Services Department, and others to determine issues and methods to resolve problems arising from nightlife activities in the City. This coordination also includes a Code Compliance Team of Department heads.

Focus of efforts is coordination with others and not simply enforcement but rather training and education from a shared perspective with nightlife businesses’ because of complex, rules and regulations.

Goal of these efforts is to assure nightlife business security staff have knowledge of methods to employ best-practices professionally and provide for safe enjoyment of nightlife activities as well as problem solving with other groups and the community.

Pete Henning praised the training but would like to see on-line training for nightlife business security staff of approximately three hours instead of the 5 hour course on Sundays.

Those who would like to have more information on the function of the team and training offered please contact Det. Chris Brownlee at:

Precinct Update: Captain Sean O’Donnell:

Captain introduced Lt. David Fitzgerald as his acting Operations Lt.

Crime statistics:

While there is a relatively low rate of person crimes  aggravated assault and domestic violence assaults still need focus. There were 2 homicides with arrests made.

Property crimes remain somewhat contained butcar prowls are a priority concern. Robbery was up 1% but 2 months ago it was up 10%. Car prowls are down to 6% from 10 %.

Homelessness remains a concern on right of ways, parks and vehicle right of ways with areas of emphasis including U District for car prowls and burglary, Aurora with vice-team, Lower Ballard with camping in Commons Park and Shilshole with RV Camping and Woodland Park west of Woodland Way with encampments.

Crime Prevention Report: Mary Amberg

There have been 30 new “Block Watches” established.

There were 122 security assessments conducted.

School opening is announced with safe walking in school zones addressed by speeding in school zone ticket set at $234.

New housing of 100 units at the Magnuson/Sand Point area.

City Attorney’s Office: Meagan Westphal

Firearms recovery June 15th to September 75 guns compared to 150 over course of year last year.

139 arrested for seeking sex on Aurora with no diversion available.

Waiting for new funding for training officers on the LEAD program.

There is a new position for prosecuting impaired driving.

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