Micro-Community Policing Plan coming up in July

Notice from: Research Assistant Jessica Chandler

Bitter Lake is: Wednesday, July 12th 6:15pm-7:15pm at the Broadview Public Library Branch
As an ongoing research project, I will be conducting focus groups again this year! The focus groups are part of Seattle University’s evaluation of the Micro-Community Policing Plan. I am interested in talking to all the micro-communities in the North Precinct area about knowledge of the Micro-Community Policing Plan, interactions with the Seattle Police Department, crime and safety concerns and suggested improvements for each of your unique neighborhoods! The focus groups are semi-structured and typically last one hour.
North Precinct Picnic in coming up- July 8th from 1:00pm -4;00pm
Join in and get to know your neighborhood police officers.
There is still time to reserve a half a table to share information. Looking forward to see all of you at the picnic. During this nice weather keep your eye out for children playing or darting into the street. Lets keep our neighborhoods safe. Respectfully, Sgt. Dianne
Respectfully, Sgt. Dianne
Here’s the flyer:

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