Seattle Budget Discussions are Going on Now


From SCC Insight, 

The Council has finished its first round of discussions on the budget. Time for some Monday-evening quarterbacking.

The discussions happened in a series of meetings last week and today. For each department, the Council’s staff led them through issues as well as a list of Council members’ proposals for modifying the budget.  Here are the memos spelling out the issues and proposals:

As always, you can find videos of the meetings on the Seattle Channel.

Up to now, it’s been the easy part of the process: picking through the Mayor’s budget proposal, and proposing things to change or add (mostly add). Any Council member could unilaterally propose anything. But over the next week, Budget chair Tim Burgess will be playing shuttle diplomacy among the Council members to ascertain which of the proposed changes have consensus support and try to massage them into a “balancing package.” The emphasis is on balancing — all the changes made will need to still result in a balanced budget.  That will result in leaving dozens of proposals on the cutting room floor: there were tens of millions of dollars in proposals for additional spending, but far less new revenues.

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  1. Thank you CM Juarez! 🙂
    1. Bitter Lake Reservoir Design Acceleration – Councilmember Juarez
    This proposal would amend SPU’s 2017-2022 CIP and shift $1 million in planning and design
    funding for the Reservoir Covering Bitter Lake project from 2021 and 2022 to earlier years.

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