Homeless Encampments in Parks Okay?

The Seattle City Council is considering an ordinance about homeless encampments.  There are several components to the legislation.  One that has concerned residents of various neighborhoods is the provision to allow homeless encampments on public property, including parks.  Here are a couple links to articles on the subject. Council Member Tim Burgess wrote a blog post.  The My Northwest news site has a report.

The legislation will be voted on by the full Council on soon.  Whatever your view on the subject is you can contact Council members to express it.  Or send one message that goes to all Council members at council@seattle.gov


1 Comments on “Homeless Encampments in Parks Okay?”

  1. Parks? Really? We have paid taxes for Park Levies so we can enjoy them with family and friends. Now the City is going to trash them with tents and garage. This failed in Ore and it was a big expensive mess to clean-up.
    This is a very bad plan and unsafe for everyone including the people living in tents and I will let every
    Council Members and Mayor know how I feel about this. What’s wrong with our City leaders??

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