Greenwood Ave N Paving Project News

The Seattle Department of Transportation web site has the following update on the Greenwood Ave. N repaving.

New asphalt was laid on Greenwood Ave N between N 125th and N 136th streets on the evenings of August 18-19. Temporary lane markings on this stretch of Greenwood will be replaced with permanent lane striping sometime in mid-September. Otherwise, most of the work in this northern half of the construction zone has now been completed.

Construction crews have now shifted their efforts to the south, Greenwood Ave N between N 112th and N 125th streets. Crews have completed the “milling” off of the top 2 inches of old asphalt (leaving the road surface temporarily rough). In the next few weeks, crews will be doing needed repairs to the road base before repaving.

No dates have yet been firmed up for this repaving, although it will likely be done over two consecutive nights (as one done in the northern half of the construction zone). The paving currently appears likely to occur in the last half of September.

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