The new North Precinct MCPP Research Assistant

This summer, the new North Precinct MCPP Research Assistant, Jessica Chandler, will be conducting focus groups. She is interested in talking to all the micro-communities in the North Precinct area about knowledge of the Micro-Community Policing Plan, interactions with the Seattle Police Department, crime and safety concerns and suggested improvements for each of our unique neighborhoods. The focus groups are semi-structured and typically last one hour. The groups are open to anyone living or working in the specific neighborhoods.

In case residents are unsure what community they fall under, the following website has an MCPP locator map, where residents can see the boundaries for the micro-communities throughout the North Precinct:   Broadview & Bitter Lake fall in the Bitter Lake MCPP.

– Bitter Lake: Thursday July 28th 6:00pm-7:00pm at the Broadview Public Library Branch (12755 Greenwood Ave. N.)

Feel free to email, comment and/or send Jessica a message with questions or concerns at

For ore information on the Micro-Community Policing Plan please visit our website:

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