Repaving Greenwood Ave N between 112th and N 136th

pavingThe Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) will soon be repaving Greenwood Ave N between N 112th and N 136th streets. Construction is expected to begin sometime in mid to late July and finish in late September or early October, a period of about two and a half months. SDOT’s contractor will remove the top several inches of the existing asphalt, make any needed repairs to the road base below, and then repave with new asphalt.

The next asphalt will extend the life of the street, providing a smoother riding experience. The project has already replaced 7 curb ramps, to help those with wheelchairs, walkers, and strollers more easily and safely cross the street. The construction will require some: • lane closures • temporary parking loss • temporary closure of some Metro bus stops • short-term challenges with driveway access (we’ll work with impacted property owners and/or tenants to maintain access)

More information at Questions? Please contact or (206) 684-5321. To request translation of this message, please call (206) 684-5321.

3 Comments on “Repaving Greenwood Ave N between 112th and N 136th”

  1. I’m surprise that nobody from our community challenged this SDOT project! This is a repave only. No notice! No upgrades like, better crosswalks/sidewalks/improvements at bus stops…nothing. Why did Greenwood Ave south of 105th get it? Just saying, this should be a Complete Street Project! When a community doesn’t raise their voice the City gets away with this stuff.

    • I disagree with the idea that that the City is getting away with something. From the project website “The project will replace eight existing curb ramps (the sloping of the sidewalk down to street level, generally at intersections) that enable those using wheelchairs, walkers, strollers, or the like to more easily cross the street. Between N 130th St and N 136th St, wheel stops will be installed at several locations to more clearly delineate a separation between the parking area and the existing walkway”. Why did Greenwood south of 105th get sidewalks? Maybe because they didn’t have sidewalks the entire length on either side of the road? And, now there is more pedestrian access between Greenwood and the new 105th Avenue improvements. A significate amount of money is being spent along Greenwood not to mention the paving along 3rd Avenue, and the sidewalk and road improvements along 105th. The City is improving the pedestrian facilities in areas. But with the amount of multifamily housing, adding sidewalks is difficult, which could be due to right of way issues, grade issues, parking, and just the fact that it is expensive. Remove the multifamily parking along Greenwood and it impacts the single family neighborhood. Additionally, the City is designing new sidewalks and pedestrian improvements between 136th and 145th. Yes I wish we had more sidewalks, and in time I believe we will. But what funding there is for these projects need to be used efficiently.

  2. I am happy they are not putting this section of Greenwood on a road diet.

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