Lots of articles yesterday on this subject. Here is one:

Seattle City Council Insight by  Kevin Schofield

Late this afternoon, Mayor Murray dropped a bombshell on the District Councils — quite literally. He blew them up.

Murray signed an executive order directing the Department of Neighborhoods to reallocate resources — including staff —  away from the thirteen neighborhood District Councils and their parent City Neighborhood Council so as to begin working with all city departments on new “robust community engagement plans.” The executive order also directs the Department of Neighborhoods to draft by September 26th a new ordinance for the City Council to review and approve that:

  • memorializes a set of principles for community outreach and engagement (listed in the executive order);
  • articulates a “new citywide framework and strategic plan for community engagement, including the creation of a new Seattle Community Involvement Commission”;
  • supercedes the 1987 and 1989 resolutions that established the District Councils and City Neighborhood Council (effectively doing away with them) and officially terminating all ties with those councils.

A link to the full article:

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