What’s all the talk about the N Precinct Station…..



Just when you think something is a done deal with Our City!

I have included a letter of support from Broadview Community Council to the City Council, a direct link to our City site on the North Precinct Station and links to  articles this week on N Precinct Station.

Here is a link to the letter of support from BCCBCC Letter of support


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  • budget
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E-Links from Dan Notle, Communications Specialist for the Seattle City Council.

The Controversy Over The Planned North Precinct Police Station SCC Insight – Johnson, Juarez, O’Brien, Burgess

New North Precinct Building: $160 Million, 70% Parking, 88% Staffed With Suburbanites Urbanist – González, O’Brien

 Council Questions Expensive New Police Station Seattle Weekly – González, O’Brien

Should We Spend $27 Million on a Parking Garage So Police Can Drive to Work? C is for Crank – O’Brien

Council Questions Expensive New Police Station Seattle Weekly




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