NW District Council Neighborhood Street Fund Review

Fantastic news from Thomas C Whittemore, Neighborhood District Coordinator and Jim Jensen, Vice President of the BCC.

“I have attached the results from the Northwest District Council’s vote on the NSF proposals.  Thank you for your great efforts to build community and improve the city.

Two Broadview projects will go forward in the process with 3 other NW projects. The next step is for SDOT to analyze these projects further and to attach budgets to them. Sometime in the fall we will likely hear back and vote again on top 1 or 2 projects. What carried the day for all the five projects was their proximity to schools on arterials.

These SDOT NSF projects may cost up to $1 million max. Many will be less than that. They will compete citywide with other projects in other districts. There is $8 million total available citywide.”


You can print out the results by putting your cursor at the bottom from the PDF.


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  1. Thank you, Chris Bihary,Jon Howard,Sean DeBlieck and Carey DeMartini for submitting NSF proposals. Community involvement helps our neighborhood grow!

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