Greenwood Emergency Fundraiser at Naked City

Most of us heard the explosion last night. Here is a reach-out from our neighbors.

This is from Northwest News Bits ALERT

Greenwood Emergency Fundraiser at Naked City
Greenwood is resilient. Greenwood is strong. Our neighborhood has fought its way through adversity before, and we will do so again. Together, we are a phoenix.

Naked City and Taproot Theatre are teaming up to raise as much money as possible in a single day for those affected by the explosion in Greenwood.
100 percent of proceeds from every pint of Greenwood Phoenix Golden Ale sold at Naked City on Thursday, March 10th, open to close, will go directly to the PNA (Phinney Neighborhood Association) tax deductible support fund.
Additional donations are encouraged!! Please help us help our friends and neighbors.

Greenwood will rise up from this as we always do!

Bryan Miller


And to find out other ways to help the Greenwood Community

Here is the community page.

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