2016 Presidential Primary Important Dates


This information is from Washington Secretary of State Elections Division

2016 Presidential Primary

Key Dates for the Presidential Primary and Party Caucuses
  • February 20 – Washington State Republican Party Caucuses (for more info: www.wsrp.org)
  • March 26 – Washington State Democratic Party Caucuses (for more info: www.wa-democrats.org)
  • April 9 – Military and overseas ballots mailed for the Presidential Primary
  • April 25 – Deadline to register by mail or online, or update your registration
  • May 6 – Presidential Primary 18-day voting period begins / regular ballots mailed
  • May 16 – Deadline for new Washington state voter registration (in person only)
  • May 24 – Presidential Primary

What is the Presidential Primary?

On May 24, 2016, the Presidential Primary offers all voters an opportunity to participate in the nomination of major political party candidates. These candidates are nominated at each major political party national convention. The political parties may choose to use the Primary results when determining the candidate each Washington State delegate supports at the national party convention.

Can I participate in both the primary and a political party caucus?

Voters may participate in party caucuses and the Presidential Primary, but only on behalf of the same party.

Every voter participating in the Presidential Primary must sign a party declaration stating that the voter has not participated in the other party’s caucus process. Each party will receive a list of voters who chose to affiliate with that party in the primary.

The Washington State Republican precinct caucuses was Saturday, February 20, 2016. The Washington State Democratic precinct caucuses will be Saturday, March 26, 2016. For information regarding party caucuses, contact the state political party organization.

What is the difference between a primary and a caucus?

One of the main differences between a primary election and a caucus is who is running the show. State governments conduct primaries while state parties are behind caucuses. In both processes, voters are selecting candidates who will move on to the presidential election in November.

For more information: https://www.sos.wa.gov/elections/2016-Presidential-Primary.aspx


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  1. I was asked by a neighbor if I could post an upcoming caucus meeting. As always, I try to accommodate our readers but as a community website, I could not make a political statement for either party.
    I have to say, I did not know how complicated caucuses are in our State. You would think everything would be the same procedures for both sides, they’re not. I really learn something by doing this post and I did sign up this year to volunteer. Thank you, neighbor.

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