Planning of the 145th St Multi-modal Study Project

Sent by Sue Jensen, ASLA, Leed AP

The last Public Open House for the planning of the 145th St Multi-modal Study Project is this Wednesday evening, February 24th, at the Shorecrest High School, starting at 6:00 pm. See attached flyer.

There will be a brief presentation by City Planning team at 6:30 pm. I’d like to let our neighbors in Broadview know that the planning team’s preferred option may likely include a ‘Road Diet” to reduce vehicle lanes, add bike lanes and otherwise make minimal other urban design type improvements to the western portion of the 145th corridor, west of Linden. I think it’s very important that the residents of the  Broadview and Haller Lake Communities come to understand the proposal and provide feedback.

If residents want additional information or cannot come to the meeting, they should look for more information on the City of Shoreline website.


1 Comments on “Planning of the 145th St Multi-modal Study Project”

  1. I appreciate the Broadview Community Council for drawing attention to this project. However, the residents in Bitter Lake should also be encouraged to comment as any change to 145TH will affect Bitter Lake as much as it does Broadview or Haller Lake.

    I live just south of 145TH in Bitter Lake and I fully support reducing the number of lanes from Greenwood to Linden. The current and projected volume of traffic does not justify 2 lanes each way. I would gladly take one lane each way with a center turn lane for improved sidewalks and safety. The current conditions do not encourage an active walkable neighborhood.

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