Eagle Staff Schools Open 2017: Getting Broadview Kids There Safely – Take the Survey

Three new schools at the “Eagle Staff Site” (formerly Wilson-Pacific) at 90th, just one block east of Aurora, are set to open in 2017, and Broadview children will need to get there.   But how?

Licton-Haller Greenways, SDOT and School Traffic Safety Committee are asking for you to help create the priorities to keep our children safe.  Take the survey through January 31:


Eagle Staff Middle School, Cascadia Highly Capable Cohort Elementary School, and Licton Springs K-8 Option School are under construction on 90th between Stone and Wallingford.   These three schools will draw from surrounding communities, including Broadview-Thomson and Viewlands.  With a total enrollment of 1,700 planned at the three schools, children will need to navigate some serious challenges to get safely to school and back.

90th and Aurora is the nearest light to the three schools. But according to City records, it is also the 3rd most dangerous intersection on Aurora north of the ship canal.

Licton-Haller Greenways includes Broadview, and is District 5 of Seattle Neighborhood Greenways: http://seattlegreenways.org.   The primary project for 2016 is creating a safe to the new schools.  You can sign up to get updates, and follow the work of Licton-Haller Greenways: http://seattlegreenways.org/district-5-lake-city-meadowbrook-northgate-haller-lake/


Link to the attached flyer for more details.


Survey Flyer


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