Increased Package Thefts at the Holidays

Most years there is a spike of residential burglaries around the holidays.  The thieves know there is more to steal.  This year there is an increase in reports of thieves stealing packages delivered to front porches.  Why risk all the possible problems associated with breaking and entering when you can follow the delivery truck and scoop up packages from porches, and make a clean getaway?

There are some ways to defend against this.   If you will be away during the day ask a neighbor to watch out for the delivery truck and take in a package.  (Check the tracking number to know when the package is scheduled to be delivered.)  Amazon offers lockers where you can have your package delivered, and you can pick it up there.  Be alert for suspicious activity like unfamiliar people on the block who walk up to porches, and call 911 to report suspicious activity.  The thieves are likely few in number so catching one or two can have a significant impact on reducing package theft.

If you don’t already have a block watch set up on your block this is a good opportunity to form one.  The basics are simple — know your neighbors, watch out for suspicious activity,  take defensive action like locking doors and windows and making your house appear occupied by having lights on and a radio playing.  Thieves take the line of least resistance, so increase your resistance.


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