Thank You Broadview Drivers

Recently a message by Joey Shyloski  appeared in Nextdoor  Broadview that nicely made some points about safe driving, that is copied below.


This is a thank-you note to all the good drivers in Broadview!

While much of Seattle is choked with parked cars and narrow lanes, we’re lucky to have wide streets and plenty of places to park. But we also have many hills, curves, gravelly and overgrown corners, and blind intersections. And to those who respect those many quiet dangers, we want to say “Thanks!”

THANK YOU because you NEVER DRIVE FASTER THAN 20 MPH — and you ALWAYS SLOW DOWN for walkers and runners, cyclists, people walking their dogs, kids playing, or other approaching vehicles!

THANK YOU because you ALWAYS GO AROUND OUR TRAFFIC CIRCLES the legal and safe way —staying to the right and then continuing around. When your neighbors see you do that, they smile!

THANK YOU for NOT having a NEEDLESS “T-BONE” COLLISION like we’ve been seeing since summer. And THANK YOU for not adding to NEAR-MISSES and the need for SUDDEN BRAKING.

A HUGE THANK YOU for always SIGNALING YOUR INTENTIONS — it helps so much to know what you’ve got in your mind, whether we’re walking or driving. BECAUSE YOU ALWAYS SIGNAL, we always know what to do next!

THANK YOU TO PARENTS — who remind their sons and daughters that CRASHES COST MONEY, disable or destroy their cars, flatten their budgets, drive their insurance sky-high, and wreck their freedoms.

THANKS TO SPOUSES who gently remind their spouses that WE ALL NOTICE SPEEDING NEIGHBORS — and will remember them at the next Night Out block party!!

And finally, THANK YOU to every Broadview driver who ALWAYS DRIVES WITH THIS IN MIND:

ANYONE — ANY TIME — could be walking around that corner, driving too fast towards you, walking an elderly dog, running or biking with their kids, or just pulling out of their driveway behind that big beautiful Broadview shrub.

By continuing to set a high driver’s bar for this great neighborhood, we can put a stop to ESCALATING AND NEEDLESS RISKS. Thanks, Broadview Good Drivers — we’re pretty sure you know who you are!

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