Viewlands Playground Donor Drive+Legacy Campaign

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I have great big news to share!!!  We were awarded two large grants to build Viewlands Elementary Phase I playground improvements, thanks to your interest in the project and the many support pledges made Spring 2015!  It amounted to over 500 hours pledged of volunteer labor toward Phase I construction and over $7,000+ in cash pledge donations, to tangibly show the Department of Neighborhoods, the level of support we have from our Viewlands community, neighbors, families and friends, last Spring!!!

We were notified last week of grant awards, King County Grant on Oct. 1st and The City of Seattle Grant on Oct. 6th!!!  This is huge for Viewlands!!!  I can’t thank you enough!  It’s beautiful to see how everyone’s individual support, shows something truly great is happening around this project for Viewlands!!!  I sincerely thank you!!!!

The next big hurdle is securing all pledged contributions in the coming weeks, to secure matching funds now required in the next month, to proceed with grant awards!

Please join VEPTSA Legacy Campaign Direct Ask Fundraiser, in the coming 21 days!!!

This combined effort of fundraising began by Viewlands students in September… gathering up their “change” to change the playground, which totaled $848.52!!!  We are on our way to our goal!!!

VEPTSA, will also be in the Viewlands courtyard, Nov. 3rd and 4th, 9:10-9:30am and 3:30-3:50pm, collecting all “checks to change the playground” if you prefer to hand your check to a VEPTSA directly!!! or option to make a tax-deductible contribution by credit card!!!

Also you can donate online!


Christel Peterson

Viewlands Elementary PTSA, Playground Improvement Project Chair

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  1. Go Christal and all the families that have worked hard on this! This will be a big asset to our neighborhood. Many of us will use it after school and weekends. We have no small parks in Broadview west of Greenwood.
    I hope our neighbors will donate even if they don’t have kids in Viewlands.

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