Broadview Community Council meeting

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Luther Memorial Lutheran Church,

13047 Greenwood Ave N.

Doors open at 6:30 pm

The May 19 meeting will feature three topics:

  • The new $900 million transportation levy on the ballot in November;
  • An update about a successful local effort “Safe On Third” to improve our streets;
  • Phinney Neighborhood Association’s “PNA Village” and their proposal to expand their “aging in place” program services north to Broadview.

Seattle Transportation Levy –SDOT

A new $900 million levy called The Transportation Levy to Move Seattle has been proposed for the November ballot to replace the expiring Bridging the Gap levy. The proposed levy would be paid for through a property tax that would cost the median Seattle household (valued at $450,000) about $275 per year, for nine years.  Priorities for the levy are to “keep Seattle travelers safe by working to eliminate serious and fatal crashes and seismically reinforcing vulnerable bridges.”  Supporters say the new levy will “Improve safety and mobility for all travelers – people walking, biking, driving cars, moving freight, and taking transit; Contribute to an integrated and connected system that is easy-to-use, affordable, and convenient.”  Read the levy brochure and come ask your questions and share your thoughts with your neighbors and SDOT.

Safe On Third

Broadview resident Chris Bihary will give a brief update on the efforts to make 3rd Avenue NW a safer place.  A neighborhood activist, Chris and his group filed their first grant application almost 2 yeas ago, with some work to begin in a few months.  They have now received 2 additional grants, which will create additional improvements over the next two years.  Come learn more about tapping into city grants, and be inspired by the hard work and persistence of your neighbors to make a difference.

PNA Village

PNA Village is looking to expand its network of services north to Broadview.   PNA Village is a membership program of the Phinney Neighborhood Association that empowers people to remain in their homes and neighborhoods while staying active and engaged as they age. For an annual membership fee they provide referrals and assistance in finding the resources to meet changing needs, including a preferred vendor list, each vendor having been vetted by the PNA Village based on adopted PNA Village standards. Examples might include plumbers, electricians, painters, dog walkers, tech support or lawn mowing services. They also provide transportation support via “rides from friendly neighbors,” and community-building activities to keep members connected to their community.

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