Emergency Preparedness Training May 9

Perhaps the recent major earthquake in Nepal has raised your awareness of the need to prepare for dealing with such an earthquake in Seattle.  Here’s an opportunity right in our neighborhood.  You are invited to attend.

Volunteers from Broadview Prepares will participate in a city wide training drill on Saturday May 9 from 5 to 10 PM.  The volunteers will set up an Emergency Communication Hub in the parking lot at Grace Lutheran Church, at the corner of Greenwood Ave. N and N 112th St.

The drill assumes that there has been a severe earthquake — 9.3 on the Richter scale — off the coast of Washington, resulting in severe damage in Seattle, and no water, gas, electricity or electronic communications.  The  Broadview Emergency Communication Hub volunteers will provide a way for people in our neighborhood to connect about problems and sources of help. IMG_6856

In a real disaster the hub will need additional volunteers, so one of the goals of this practice drill is to do on the spot training of walk up volunteers in hub operations.  Stop by and learn more about personal preparedness and neighborhood preparedness and how you could seek or give help to our neighbors in a disaster.

(Click on picture for larger view.)

More information is also available at the Seattle Emergency Hubs website.



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