Carkeek Park Celebration May 2

Carkeek Park Environmental Learning Center Pioneers & Garden Celebration

Sponsored By: Broadview Garden Club & Carkeek Watershed Community Action Project

Saturday, May 2, 2015 from 10:30AM to 2:30PM

950 NW Carkeek Park Road

10:30 to 11AM: Eelgrass Exploration

An adventure in the eelgrass area off Carkeek Park in a video taken by Wayne Palsson followed by a closer look of each critter by Mikki James. Our Waters!

11AM to Noon: Pioneer’s Round Table

McAbee Family

Piper Family

Ecklund Family

Venema Family

Carkeek Family

Noon to 1PM: Renaming of the Carkeek Environmental Learning Center

By Christopher Williams, Acting Superintendent, Seattle Parks & Recreation

Introduction of guests, staff and volunteers which keep Carkeek Park a beautiful place to enjoy and recreate. Also, celebrate the day with cake from our friends at the Holman Road QFC.

1 to 2:30PM

Native Plant Info Session

At Carkeek Demonstration Garden, meet Chris Anderson, WA Department of Fish & Wildlife specialist on Backyard Wildlife Habitats and learn the value of native plants to Puget Sound and people living in potential slide areas. Demonstration gardeners Debra Phare and Drexie Malone will also be giving advice on how to attract birds and bees with your garden and how to care for it without using pesticides.

Piper’s Orchard Tour

Join volunteer Bob Baines as he guides you through Piper’s Orchard to visit these historic fruit trees going back to about 1889 when the Piper Family first settled the area. Get tips on how to care for your fruit trees to keep them healthy and productive!

Environmentally Friendly Construction

Meet Brad Miller, Architect for Carkeek Environmental Learning Center (CELC). Seattle’s first Gold LEED Building. Get tips on how to build or remodel to help sustain the planet and improve the water quality in Puget Sound. (Note: Help will be available to fill out Wildlife apps)

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