What to Do With Halloween Candy

Seattle Public Utilities reminds that there are ways to dispose of leftover Halloween candy. Seattle’s culinary candy experts have spoken. The worst Halloween candy is… Wax Lips and Teeth! Wax Lips and Teeth beat chocolate-covered bacon in a Seattle Public Utilities’ online poll. Candy Corn, which was voted the worst Halloween candy in 2011, this year finished in a tie for third with Peeps. Fortunately, Seattle residents have options for unwanted candy. You can try giving them away to friends and family, or you can simply unwrap those ugly, yucky tasting confections and put them in your food and yard waste cart, where they can be used to help grow apples, pumpkins, sunflowers and other garden delights! Wrappers and gum go in the garbage. Last year, Seattle residents helped divert 40,000 tons of their unwanted leftovers from the landfill by composting them instead

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