BCC Sept. 16 Meeting Will Focus on Broadview Transportation Needs

Mind the Gap: Broadview Transportation Needs 

Seattle’s “Bridging the Gap” transportation levy ends already next year. The process for the next levy is underway.  What comes next? What can Broadview ask for?

Learn from community members and city SDOT staff about the various neighborhood and transportation plans and what is likely to make it in the next Bridging the Gap request.

What do you think is important; what should be the priorities for funding?

The Fall Forum of the Broadview Community Council looks for the answers.

Please Join Us

Tuesday, September 16

7:00 – 8:30 pm (social time starts at 6:30)

Luther Memorial Church, 13047 Greenwood Ave. N

Walk, run, bike, ride the bus, carpool and drive your way to the Broadview Community Fall Forum.

The 2006  “Bridging the Gap” transportation levy expires in 2015.   The nine-year goals of Bridging the Gap were to:

  • Reduce the infrastructure maintenance backlog.
  • Pave and repair Seattle streets.
  • Make seismic upgrades to our most vulnerable bridges.
  • Improve pedestrian and bicycle safety and create safe routes to schools.
  • Increase transit speed and reliability.

Some of the most visible benefits of the levy include restoration of King Street Station, improvements to the Spokane Street Viaduct, and the current Mercer Corridor work.   Broadview has seen the completion of the Linden Avenue project and new sidewalks on 125th and 143rd.

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