Summer Crime in Broadview

Recent mailbox theft in Broadview! Just when we think we have beaten the thieves by putting in a locked mailbox they find a work around.

These neighbors found their catalogs and junk mail neatly stacked outside their mailbox, the mailbox was still locked but their neighbors found their important mail on the street a half a block away.

They did call the police and were inform that it is happening throughout the neighborhood.

Most of us have our mailbox on the street so we are a prime neighborhood for mail theft.

These are a few suggestions that I have.

  1. Go paperless with important information. I have direct deposit on checks with my bank and requested bank statement and credit card statement online only.
  2. Let your neighbor know when you’re out of town and have them pick up your mail or plan ahead and call post office and have your mail held.  You can also request mail hold online at the USPS website.

It’s a sad case when you have to tell Grandmom not to send checks to her grandkids, use on line gift certificates.

This is what I’m putting on my mailbox-

Broadview mailbox

* If you have some ideas on keeping your mail safe please feel free to share in the comment box.

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