New North Precinct Early Design Ideas Floated to Design Commission

A new facility for the Seattle Police Department North Precinct is slated to be built on the southeast corner of Aurora Ave. N and N 130th St.  It will take several years for the whole project to be finished, but it is moving along.

As part of the process to acquire property for the new North Precinct Police Station, on May 9 the Superior Court granted the City of Seattle condemnation power for the parcel at 12800 Aurora Ave. N. (King County Parcel Number 192604-9173). Last December, City Council approved the City’s intention to acquire ownership of the property, either through a negotiated settlement or, if necessary, using its power of eminent domain (condemnation) for public use. Using the action of condemnation keeps the project on track and there may be favorable tax advantages to the sellers as well.

On the facility design front, the project team shared program and site information at the Seattle Design Commission meeting on May 15. The commissioners offered additional ideas for the design team to consider.  The full presentation is available at this link.  Specifics about the design ideas so far begin at slide 34 of the presentation.

Below is a general concept drawing of how the facility might be laid out.  There are more design concepts in the presentation.

n precinct idea


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