Visit the Broadview Emergency Communication Hub Practice Drill May 17

This Saturday several neighborhoods in Seattle will participate in a practice drill of their emergency communication hubs.  This will be the third practice drill Broadview volunteers have participated in.

The City of Seattle’s Office of Emergency Management coordinates with community volunteers who set up Emergency Communication Hubs (HUB) that can be activated during a major emergency to share information between neighborhoods and the Seattle Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

What is a hub?  In a disaster, the hub sites will:  Collect information on local situations, needs, and resources; relay information between hub sites, and to and from the City of Seattle’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC);  and assist in allocation of resources provided by neighborhood residents to needs of neighborhood residents.

2013 BV Hub Drill

The Broadview Prepares volunteers encourage and welcome members of  the community to stop by from 9:00 AM to Noon at Luther Memorial Church, 13047 Greenwood Ave. N.  Learn how a hub operates, how it will serve you, and how you and your neighbors can interact with it.

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