Broadview Garden Club Meeting


Broadview Garden Club

 Written by President of BGC Sue Jensen; Plant collectors, casual gardeners and arm chair travelers alike will enjoy this Thursday’s talk by Kevin Carribine and Jennifer Macuba on plant collecting adventures in remote locations around the world.  The event starts at 7:00 pm and is hosted by the Broadview Garden Club. The meeting takes place in the Fireside Room of the Luther Memorial Church at 13047 Greenwood Avenue North. (Enter the church parking lot from 132 Ave, on the west side of Greenwood.)

Kevin and Jennifer are Ballard residents and friends who traveled with Dan Hinkley (co-founder of Heronswood  Nursery, world-class plant hunter and lecturer) on three rough and fascinating trips to North India, Nepal and the Andes in Chile. Kevin and Jennifer will give a personal account of their travels and the collection process, with photos and stories so you will understand:

  • Where our new plant species and varieties come from
  • What kinds of plants were they looking for and how do they know where to look?
  • What parts of the plant are collected?
  • How are they packed, moved across the country and through our Customs office?
  • Are there concerns new plants might become dangerous invasives?
  • Plus more stories about international adventure travel with a botanical mission.

Kevin and Jennifer want you to know that they are medical professionals and world travelers, not botanists, and will speak about plant collecting from an engaging layman’s perspective.

Here’s a taste of modern day plant collecting, from a local article on Dan Hinkley’s collecting adventures:


China, Nepal and South Africa are just some of the places Hinkley and his trowel traveled after he graduated with a master’s degree from the University of Washington’s Center for Urban Horticulture.

From China, for example, came this communique:

Truly, there is no excuse. I should have been more mentally prepared for what they meant. “Road Bad,” we were told. “Road Bad” embraces a great deal of plasticity across this planet. I knew this. “Road Bad” in China translates to 180 miles of barely passable terrain, all of which is under construction, though no one seems to be working on it. Then add three days of torrential rains.”

Did he get his plant? He goes on:

Our minds drifted from the moment, fast-forwarding to the most aggravating part of the process. Phytosanitary certificates, inspections, lost packages, changed rules at the USDA. Our bellies hurt down deep with anxiety. We know these hurdles possess the potential to mar the polish of the days we have experienced in Sichuan. Yet, this time at least, the buff and shine of this most incredible journey has remained intact. The seeds are now safely to Heronswood and sown.

Broadview Garden Club

Interested in joining in?

Topics run from Horticultural Myths to Plants for shady gardens.

Our club was est. in1951 and our mission:

  • To encourage the interests of the members in better and beautiful gardens.
  • To aid in protection of native trees, plants, flowers, and birds.
  • To encourage civic planting.
  • To study in all aspects the fine arts of gardening through fellowship and cooperation.
  •  To inspire and promote good friendship between members of the club.

Membership dues are $15.00 a year. First meeting is free.  If you are interested in joining or have questions please feel free to call or email:  Susan George 206.285.2532

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  1. I live in a cottage at IdaCulver and I would like to join your garden club. I am a renter, but I am currently remodeling my cottage garden and I would like to learn more the area and the mini climate that is Broadview. Would that be possible?

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