New Emergency Preparedness Classes in 2014

For 2014, the Seattle Office of Emergency Management will offer a series of short, skills-based workshops in partnership with Seattle Public Libraries. Each 30-minute workshop will focus on one aspect of preparedness. The same workshop will be offered geographically throughout the city four times each month – one North, one Central, one South, and one lunch program at the Central Library.


Create a Disaster Kit on a Budget

– In this “show-and-tell” style class, you’ll see how everyday household items can be used to economically supplement your disaster and first aid supplies. We’ll share tips on how to put together a kit without breaking the bank (or your budget).

Turn Your Smartphone into a Disaster Tool

– What are the best apps to keep at your fingertips in case of an emergency? With just a few clicks, we’ll share the latest ways to notify loved ones, track power outages, get transit alerts, light your way and more.

Manage Household Utilities Before and After a Disaster

– Every second counts after a disaster. This class will teach you how and when to control household electricity, water and natural gas during an emergency. Gain hands-on practice with real equipment and prioritize your actions so everyone stays safe.

Fire Extinguisher 101 – Knowing how to put out small fires after a disaster is an emergency essential. Learn how to choose the right extinguisher, the do’s and don’ts of fire, and gain hands-on practice using a (demo) extinguisher.

Prepare your Pets for Disaster

– You’ve got a plan, you’ve got a kit, you know who to call during emergencies. How about your four-footed, beaked, furry or feathered friends? We’ll provide tips and resources to make sure your pets stay safe too.

Store Emergency Drinking Water

– Satisfy your thirst on how to secure and maintain this essential element safely and with confidence. We’ll de-mystify the pros and cons of all the ways people store emergency drinking water to help you make smart choices for yourself

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