Traffic Calming on 3rd Avenue NW

Yesterday Broadview Community Council President Eugene Wasserman relayed the following information about traffic calming on 3rd Avenue NW.
The Seattle Department of Transportation is planning to put two radar speed displays on 3rd Ave NW, between NW 130th St. and NW 145th St.  If you drive 8th Ave NW just south of Holman Rd on the southbound side one is currently operating.
These displays are instead of the speed bumps that were originally planned on the northern part of 3rd Ave NW.
For the last year and a half the Community Council has been working with SDOT on traffic safety on 3rd.
The radar speed displays will be placed  by the end of this month
1. On the east side of 3rd Ave NW just north of 130th S for northbound traffic.
2. On the west side of 3rd Ave NW just north of 137th St for southbound traffic.
If you have any concerns about them let me know.
Or call John Marek  at SDOT 206 684-5069 or
If you contact John please let me know just so I know your concerns.
Eugene Wasserman
Broadview Community Council

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