SPU Weather Warning, and Broadview Project Update

The manager of Seattle Public Utilities (SPU)  Broadview Sewer and Drainage Improvement Project, Celia Kennedy, sent the following message.

Dear Broadview resident,

As you may know, forecasters are predicting a fast-moving storm on Friday and Saturday, with the potential for some heavy rain in Seattle, including in the Broadview area.

We encourage you to report any sewage back-up issues in your home, or stormwater ponding/flooding problems, by calling the Seattle Public Utilities 24/7 Operations Response Center at 206-386-1800.

Please make sure the storm drains in your street are clear of debris prior to the storm.

Broadview Sewer & Drainage Improve Project Update

The Broadview technical team is currently analyzing options for sewer solutions in the western one-third of Broadview (named 12th Ave. sewer basin, see attached map for reference). We are evaluating potential options in terms of cost, time to implement, potential effects to residents, environmental benefits/impacts, and other key factors. Because the most frequent sewer backups occur in the 12th Ave. basin, we are currently focusing on this portion of Broadview.

We plan to hold a public meeting early this year to provide more details on the top three to five options under consideration. We will also be proposing improvements to the drainage system as part of this project, based on the input we have received from neighbors in the area. Your input on the options will be important to the team as we work toward selecting and implementing a preferred option. Watch for more details on the public meeting in the near term.

Later this year, we plan to complete a similar analysis of sewer and drainage improvement options for the Dayton Ave. sewer basin, which includes the eastern half and most of the southern half of Broadview.

Broadview Website Updates

We recently updated the Broadview website to reflect current project information and to include the outcomes of recent pilot projects to reduce infiltration and install backflow valves. Check the website for ongoing project updates and information.

Thank you for your continued interest in this project, and for your patience and participation as we work to select options that will help provide feasible, long-term solutions to sewer backups and stormwater flooding in Broadview.

Celia S. Kennedy, Project Manager Broadview Sewer and Drainage Improvement Project SPU_BroadviewProjects@seattle.gov 206-409-3651 www.seattle.gov/util/BroadviewProjects

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