President Obama visits Broadview

President Barack Obama visited Broadview Sunday November 24th for a private fund raising event at the home of Tom Campion on 3rd avenue NW. Neighbors were excited to learn of the President’s arrival at 5:30 PM only to be engulfed by the media, Law enforcement and a vocal crowd of protesters chanting “Hey Obama we don’t want your pipeline drama” as they hoisted a 20′ long inflated pipeline. Wires leading from the inflated pipeline into a back pack gave Secret Service agents cause for concern. Seattle Police bike patrol handled the crowd of over 200 people containing them to the East side of 3rd NW as the President’s motorcade stretched from Greenwood Ave North to North 143rd and 3rd NW and contained over 65 vehicles. Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader of the United States House of Representatives and Governor Jay Inslee, graduate of Ingraham High School, were reported as attending.

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