Residents Express Concern About Prostitution in Neighborhood

Broadview – Bitter Lake residents have recently expressed concern to public officials about the prostitution activity along Aurora Avenue N and nearby areas.  An item on KOMO News describes the problems.   The crime prevention group GAIN Broadview has had an active e-mail discussion.

Today in the Seattle Times there is a timely article about a phone app to tip off the police about sex trafficking.  The intent is to provide information that can be correlated in a database and lead to more useful police action.

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  1. Obviously this is an issue that will never go away, but it would be nice if it weren’t so omnipresent. I live on the 125th corridor between Motel Row and the 7-11 and it has constant foot traffic, some of which is hookers, junkies and crazy people. My frontage used to be a gravel strip where hookers would take their johns for quickies and there were times when a van door would be open literally 15 feet from my door.

    I don’t think fining and arresting people does anything except worsen the situations, but it seems like the sex trade is concentrating in our area. The old trailer park is long gone on 140th and now they are pushing people out north of the bridge so it’s all going to Motel Row. And it’s not really working girls that worry me, it’s all the crazy assholes that come with them.

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