Think Green to Win Green for Broadview Non-profits!

Waste Management is partnering with neighborhood organizations to challenge 10 Seattle communities to reduce waste and recycle more.  Last year, Broadview was 2nd in reduction of waste, behind Crown Hill.   This year the Broadview Community Council is stepping up to the challenge, and looking to earn up to $25,000 for neighborhood non-profits. There are two ways to win:

•                The community that reduces their garbage the most by March 2014 will win $25,000 to give to the community non-profit(s) of their choice.

•                Neighborhood organizations that encourage neighbors to reduce their garbage could win up to $25,000 to give to the community non-profit(s) of their choice.

What does it take to win?

It’s simple: Shop smart. Waste less. Recycle more.

Each month, Waste Management will provide an update about each neighborhood’s efforts.  We’ll share them with you, and provide encouragement, as well as tips to help you reduce, reuse and recycle.   Want to get involved and help spread the news?  Contact us at 

Since Halloween is upon us, here are a few tips to get you started: 


See what you already have at home.  Look to nature – leaves, gourds and pinecones make great decorations.

Before buying new decorations, check your local thrift store.

Purchase high-quality decorations that will last years and avoid disposable decorations.  Store them carefully, so you don’t forget for next year!


To minimize packaging, buy treats in bulk or at local farmers markets.

Unfortunately, candy wrappers are not recyclable or compostable.  But, you can make them reusable!  Check out 10 Crazy Crafts for Candy Wrappers at

Don’t have time to make crafts?  Sign up for Terracycle’s free candy wrapper brigade.  Collect at least 100 wrappers, download a pre-paid shipping label, and send your box back to Terracycle.  They will turn your wrappers into upcycled products and even donate to charity!

Give fewer treats to each child.

Instead of plastic candy containers, opt for a reusable bag.  Transforming an old pillow case to a treat bag to use each year makes a fun activity.

Hand out treats wrapped in wax paper, like taffy. The wax paper wrappers can be placed in Seattle food/yard waste carts.


Pumpkins are an essential Halloween decoration.  Think creatively about how to use all parts of your pumpkin. Roast seeds.  Puree pumpkin flesh.  You can even make pumpkin gut pasta!

Earth 911 features 10 ways you can get the most out of your pumpkin.

If you don’t carve your pumpkin, you can find a second-life for the entire pumpkin!

And remember, anything leftover can go in the compost.

Look for more updates and tips in the coming months.  Questions?   Contact the Broadview Community Council at

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