Seattle City Council Supports Sound Transit Station at 130th St.

Sound Transit has been in the planning stage for the extension of light rail to Lynnwood, and one of the issues is where stations would be located.  Seattle City Council has voiced its support for a station at N 130th and I-5.  Below is a press release about that.

Council Voices Support for Future Light Rail station at 130th Street Calls on Sound Transit to study an additional station

SEATTLE — On Monday, October 7, Council unanimously adopted Resolution Number 31486 making recommendations to Sound Transit’s Board about the Lynnwood Link extension through Seattle. The Council recommended that the Board adopt a surface route in the I-5 right-of-way with stations at 130th and 145th as the Preferred Alternative in the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS). The surface route is the least expensive and least disruptive alternative. The proposed station at 130th Street was not part of the original Sound Transit plan, but the Council asked that it be included in the final environmental review.

“Without this station, there would be no stop between Northgate and 145th, a stretch of almost four miles, and residents of North Seattle would have to access light rail via either the congested Northgate area or the 145th Street station. Both of these options are challenging for buses and motor vehicles and downright daunting for bicycles and pedestrians,” said Councilmember Richard Conlin, sponsor of the resolution and Sound Transit Board member. “While it is very important that Sound Transit, as a regional organization, move forward with connecting key regional centers, it is also important that those lines serve key neighborhoods within Seattle and other cities.”

The Sound Transit Capital Committee will take up this issue and is likely to agree to support the City recommendations for studying the 130th St. station at its meeting on Thursday, October 10th. The full Board of Directors will vote in October or November on the alignment and stations to be designated as the Lynnwood Link Preferred Alternative in the FEIS.

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