Concerns Expressed about Allowed Area for I-502 Marijuana Businesses

The city of Seattle has produced a discussion draft of the Estimated Allowed Area for I-502 Licensed Marijuana Businesses Under City and State Regulations (includes growing, processing, and retail facilities).

Here is a map from the discussion draft.  Click on the photo for a larger view.  You can then click again for an even larger view.

Marijuana Growing, Processing, Retail Allowed in SeattleThe Broadview Community Council has written a letter to Seattle City Council members expressing concern about the area in the Bitter Lake Urban Village.  Here is the text of the letter.

Seattle City Councilmembers,

I am writing you on behalf of the Broadview Community Council.  We recently reviewed the Department of Planning and Development map that shows where marijuana growing and processing would be allowed.

The Broadview Council was horrified to see that the third largest area where marijuana growing and processing are allowed is the Bitter-Lake Urban Village.  We do not understand how an area designated for job and population growth is now designated for large scale marijuana growing, processing and retailing.

We strongly urge the Council to reexamine the current Council marijuana legislation and reduce the potential concentration of marijuana grow and processing operations in the Bitter-Lake Urban Village.

Eugene Wasserman

President, Broadview Community Council

1 Comments on “Concerns Expressed about Allowed Area for I-502 Marijuana Businesses”

  1. Thanks for posting this article.

    One thing I am curious about (and is not covered in the text of the letter) is the basis for objecting to the potential of large-scale grow/processing operations here.

    These facilities will be secure; highly regulated; and will not be points of retail sale. The product they produce will be “wholesome”; as in, legal in all respects and regulated as to purity/contamination.

    Other than fear of change, why would we not want these businesses located here? I’d rather see legal, well-paying manufacturing (type) jobs than retail or other low-wage service jobs in our neighborhood.

    I’m looking forward to learning more!



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