Elevated levels of algae detected at Haller Lake

Seattle Public Utilities put out an advisory about elevated levels of algae in Haller Lake.  Below is the complete text.

An elevated level of toxic algae has been detected at Haller Lake.  In cooperation with the Department of Health, Seattle Public Utilities advises the public to stay out of the lake in areas of algae accumulation and to keep their pets from drinking the water.

Toxic algae accumulates in areas along the shoreline and are a health risk to people and pets.  People with allergies or sensitive reactions to substances may experience rashes or skin irritation after exposure.   Do not allow animals to drink from the lake in these areas.  Do not go into water where there are visible algae accumulations, streaks, or scum on the top.  If you are in doubt, stay safe and stay out.

Warning signs are being posted at the two public access locations on Haller Lake.  City of Seattle and King County will conduct weekly samples of algae and will remove the warning signs once levels are below state recreational guidelines.  Results of algae sampling and additional information on toxic algal blooms can be found at:  https://www.nwtoxicalgae.org/Default.aspx

There is also currently a toxic algae bloom in Green Lake.  For more information on the toxic algae bloom in Green Lake, go to the Seattle Parks and Recreation Web site: (http://parkways.seattle.gov/2013/09/12/green-lake-algae-bloom-only-harmful-where-scum-is-found/)

If you have questions about the elevated levels of algae at Haller Lake, you may contact Ingrid Wertz with Seattle Public Utilities at 206-386-0015 or ingrid.wertz@seattle.gov.

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