Broadview Storm Season Preparations

In view of the forecast heavy rains Seattle Public Utilities sent out the message below.

Dear Broadview neighbor,

As you may know, some forecasters are predicting heavy rains in Seattle, and potentially the Broadview area, through Friday.

SPU crews have been performing city-wide maintenance work to inspect catch basins and inlets this year and have cleaned those that needed it so the drainage system is in good shape heading into an early fall rainstorm.

While this work helps address sewer backups, there is still the potential that backups may occur during this storm season. We encourage you to report any sewage back-up issues in your home, or ponding/flooding problems, by calling the Seattle Public Utilities 24/7 Operations Response Center at 206-386-1800.

We also encourage you to remain cautious and alert during heavy rains. Here are some ways you can be prepared:

             Keep backflow valves on your side sewer in good working condition: If you have a backflow valve, please clean it four times a year and replace any non-working parts. Those with flap gate valves should inspect and clean those valves to ensure they are in working order. Those with knife gate valves should exercise those valves per manufacturer instructions to ensure proper operation.

             Keep storm drains free of debris: Check your neighborhood storm drains and remove any debris that has accumulated. Check storm drains again during storms to ensure they remain open and free flowing. Silt socks or other catch basin inserts near construction projects can be a hazard during storms. If you know of any areas in your neighborhood where construction is complete, but catch basin inserts remain, call 206-386-1800 to have them removed.

             Have sandbags on hand: If you live in an area that you know is prone to flooding, consider keeping some sandbags nearby for your own use. Sandbags don’t seal out water, but can help redirect the flow of water and protect property from debris. Sandbags must be used with caution because it is illegal to divert water to your neighboring properties.

             Stay out of the way of flood waters: Play it safe and stay out of low-lying areas during times of heavy rains. If your basement is prone to flooding, stay out of it and other low points until the risk of flooding has passed.

              Stay safe when driving: Don’t try to drive through large puddles where you can’t judge the water depth.

 Broadview Sewer & Drainage Improve Project Update

Updates regarding the Broadview Sewer and Drainage Improvement Project will be sent out via this list serve periodically to help keep neighbors informed about the project.

Thank you,
Celia Kennedy
Broadview Sewer and Drainage Improvement Project

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