Initial Planning for New North Precinct Building Underway

The current Seattle Police Department North Precinct building has been crowded and outdated for several years.  Plans to replace it were put on hold during the Great Recession.  Recently the Mayor and City Council re-started the planning process.  Work is now under way to find and purchase a site for a new station by December 2013.

More information about the project is available here.

The City plans to build a new police station with a multistory parking structure at a different location than the currenht northend station near North Seattle Community College. “Predesign” – the first step in designing and building this new facility – involves many things, including:

  • evaluating zoning requirements and whether a potential site can accommodate planned structures;
  • understanding how the Seattle Police Department wishes to operate in a new facility and what kind of space is required for current and future needs; and
  • confirming the scope of the project fits within the project’s budget.

The City plans to bring an architecture and engineering design team on board in 2013 so building predesign can begin this year, instead of waiting for purchase of an actual site.

The preliminary plans for a new North Precinct Station, which will be reviewed and confirmed during predesign, call for:

  • A 60,000+ square foot building with a useful life of 30 to 50 years that will accommodate up to 370 officers and civilian staff.
  • A building constructed to essential facility standards capable of withstanding an earthquake load higher than most buildings. These design specifications affect most components of a building to ensure an essential facility remains operable after an earthquake.
  • Community meeting space that also can be used as an operations center in case of a disaster.
  • On-site, multistory parking for patrol cars, visitors and staff.
  • A location that offers good access to I-5, north-south and east-west arterials, proximity to areas of high police activity, and quality radio reception.

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