Community Members Talk to Seattle Dept. of Transportation about Taffic Safety Issues

At the October 18, 2012 Broadview Community Council meeting Jim Curtin from Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) briefed the audience about a new SDOT Road Safety Action Plan and fielded numerous questions about traffic safety problems in Broadview.  There is a site online with information about the Road Safety Action Plan.

Members of the community expressed concerns about speeding and unsafe conditions for children at Viewlands Elementary School and Broadview – Thomson K8 School.  Mr. Curtin announced that speed bumps with accomodation for emergency vehicles will soon be placed on 3rd Ave. NW in front of Viewlands Elementary School and on 3rd Avenue NW at the crosswalks at NW 132nd St. and NW 137th St.

Other comments included requesting red light cameras at the intersections of N 130th St. and Greenwood Ave. N, and N 130th St. and Aurora Avenue N.

In response to a comment that 3rd Ave. NW needs repaving Mr. Curtin said that 3rd NW is on the list for eventual repaving but because of the limited funds advailable and the high cost of repaving it would not be done in the near future.


3 Comments on “Community Members Talk to Seattle Dept. of Transportation about Taffic Safety Issues”

  1. But apparently we have more than enough money for a computerized bike counter for the Fremont bridge!

    • The bike counter was donated to the city by Cascade Bicycle Club. The cost was $30k (again, not paid for by the city). Repaving can easily reach millions of dollars. So what exactly are you complaining about?

  2. The Cascade Bicycle Club acquired the Eco-Totem and gave it to the city. The funding, $30,000 for purchase, installation and maintenance for the first year was provided by the Mark and Susan Torrance Foundation.

    …Who pays for maintenance after the first year?

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