The RapidRide E Line is Coming to Aurora in 2013

King County Metro Transit will launch the RapidRide E Line on Aurora Avenue N in the fall of 2013.  What is Rapid Ride?  According to Metro’s website:

RapidRide buses come so often, you don’t need a timetable. Just show up to your closest RapidRide stop and a bus will arrive shortly to take you on your way. You don’t need to rely on a schedule or worry about catching a particular trip.

  • Service at least every 10 minutes during the busiest morning and evening travel hours.
  • 15 minute service during off-peak periods.
  • Scheduled service for late night/early mornings.
  • Full service seven days a week!

Metro has more information at

The RapidRide E Line replaces Route 358. The E Line will operate between Shoreline’s Aurora Village Transit Center and downtown Seattle. Between the Aurora Village Transit Center and downtown Seattle, the preferred E Line alignment will primarily follow the path of current Route 358. The one exception is southbound between Winona Avenue N and N 63rd Street, where the E Line will stay on Aurora Avenue N instead of serving Linden Avenue N as Route 358 currently does.

There will be nearly 30 stations and stops along the E Line, spaced an average of 2,100 feet apart (not including stops in downtown Seattle). Stops are spaced closer together along parts of the route where land use suggests higher passenger turnover, and farther apart along parts with few transit attractions.

General public outreach for this service change will begin in fall 2012 and continue through spring 2013.


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  1. This is great news for frequency and consistency (and new buses!). Glad it is sticking to the 358 route, because the 358 bus is a pretty great bus, even if it gets a bad rap!

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