Bond Bucks : Arena? Versus Seattle Police Precinct and North Seattle Truck Corridors

Dear President of the Seattle City Council Sally Clark,

Seahawks and Mariners and Sonics, Oh ,My!

North Seattle Precinct, Oh, Yes!

Greenwood Avenue North and Aurora Avenue North Transportation Corridors, Oh, Yes!

Please use the Bonding Authority of the City of Seattle for compelling  citizen safety reasons.A proud citizen of the City of Seattle is being reduced in stature to the standing of the professional athletic teams housed in seldom used large buildings. Worse. The citizen stature is theatened to be further diminished if one of the these three professional, for private gain, teams is not present.
Years ago, Mayor Speer of Denver, said : You cannot call a city a city if you cannot walk the breadth and width of it in a safe, enjoyable manner. 
Now in the City of Seattle, our Mayor does not mention the inability of walking all parts of Seattle in a safe, enjoyable manner…no, the “walk, bike, ride,” slogan has become “Build it and they will come”. Attendees to events in Sports Arenas do and will come, mostly from without the City and mostly in single occupant vehicles.
We have an unfinished City. It will not be completed without effort.

No Arenas will make it safer to walk the Streets and Avenues of the annexed, since the 1950’s, portions of Seattle.
Bond Bucks are needed for a new North Seattle Police Precinct complex . Bond Bucks are needed to complete “The Wasteland” called The Aurora Avenue North Corridor. Bond Bucks are needed to complete the ” Illegal Raceway” of Greenwood Avenue North Corridor.

Please vote no on the Arena. Please start the process to issue Bonds for Police and Transportation Safety in the North and Northwest areas of Seattle

Richard L. Dyksterhuis
Resident of the Bitter lake Hub Urban Village
“Really Way Out There

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3 Comments on “Bond Bucks : Arena? Versus Seattle Police Precinct and North Seattle Truck Corridors”

  1. Totally agree that we need to make this city walkable – at least on the main roads. Greenwood needs a REAL sidewalk….the whole way down.

  2. Calling for a “NO” vote for the Arena is in favor of a walkable city is discouraging. I am in favor of the arena and I am in favor of more sidewalks.

    The opportunity for Seattle, a “Metropolitan City” to have an Arena, NBA and NHL team at the hands of generous people (i.e. Chris Hansen, Steve Balmer and The Nordstroms Family) is incredible. Please don’t squander the arena opportunity on the backs of this campaign!

    Surely, there is a more creative to capture attention and meet your goals!

    It makes me sad that this is the path you took to get peoples attention!

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