Construction Under Way at New P-Patch

Grading of the slope on the north side of the reservoir at N 143rd St. is under way.  Terraces are being constructed where previously there was a steep slope and swales.

Volunteers are welcome and needed. Current Volunteer Opportunities:  1.  Spreading woodchips on the paths;  2.  Filling the planting beds with compost;  3.  Building ADA-accessible beds;  4.   Building the garden shed.  This work will  be taking place in August so that the garden can be planted this fall.   Workgroups for these tasks are forming now and workgroup dates will be announced within the next few weeks.  Volunteers are free to choose which tasks they want to help with.  Anyone interested or wants to learn more about other volunteer opportunities (i.e. outreach, community  parade, making reminder calls, etc.) should email

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  2. This is nice concern of broadview neighbourhood, if our surroundings are good and green tht will keep us healthy and joyfull.

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