Celebrate North Seattle Block Party June 24 at Oaktree Village

Celebrate North Seattle started as a grassroots effort in June of 2010.  Organizers of the event noticed a severe lack of positive community events in North Seattle and along the often infamous Aurora Avenue.  The event doubled in size in just its second year!  The goal of the event is simple: highlight and celebrate the good of our community while we connect people to their neighbors. The hopeful result: neighbors and businesses know and trust one another and invest more into building and bettering their community.  No other event like this exists on Aurora Avenue.  The organizers of Celebrate North Seattle hope to expand to bring hopeful community-driven events and initiatives to the North Seattle in the future.

4 Comments on “Celebrate North Seattle Block Party June 24 at Oaktree Village”

  1. The flyers for Celebrate North Seattle left on cars have constituted vandalism, having melted to a large majority of cars. Expect lawsuits for the vandalism most likely amounting to a detailing job.

  2. After you have finished celebrating the good of our community and connecting people and neighbors what is your plan for making amends for the damages? Given the fact that I have a fractured humerus, it was no easy task to remove the flyer that was of such poor quality that the weather adhered it to my windshield. You mention, “a severe lack of positive community events”, sadly this flyer mess did not create a positive community event for me.

  3. Two flyers for twice the mess. I don’t think our household will be attending.

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