Two Aurora Ave. N Traffic Alerts

Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is planning work on two different areas of Aurora Avenue North that will affect traffic flow.

On the weekend of June 22 – 25 the intersection at N 85th St. will be closed from 10 PM on Friday evening until 5 AM on Monday, to allow drainage work to be done.  See the project website for details, including detour routes.

The second project will start on June 25, further south on southbound Aurora, involving closing of the right side lane.  Below is SDOT’s press release.

To  help move more people through the area during upcoming construction, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) will convert the  southbound curb lane of Aurora Avenue North, just south of the Aurora Bridge, into a Business Access and Transit (BAT) lane. Serving one of
the busiest transit corridors in Seattle, the lane will start south of  the Dexter Avenue off-ramp and continue south to Mercer Street. Crews
plan to perform the lane re-striping June 24 and it will go into service  after the morning commute on June 25.

King  County Metro Transit will be starting RapidRide E Line service on Aurora Avenue North in 2013, but asked the City to install the lane
earlier to keep buses moving during several ongoing construction projects. Metro carries almost 30,000 passengers a day on the Aurora
corridor, which helps reduce the number of cars on the road. Using the new southbound BAT lane will allow Metro to establish the travel pattern  for both current and future service on Aurora, instead of changing it repeatedly to work around construction projects.

Two upcoming projects are the City’s Mercer West Project ( ) and the Washington State Department of Transportation’s State Route 99 Tunnel Project (  ). Traffic congestion is expected to increase on southbound Aurora when  lanes are temporarily closed for these projects, so optimizing transit travel will provide commuters with options for avoiding possible delays.

Utility  relocation work associated with the SR 99 project will temporarily close the curb lane on Aurora Avenue North, south of the bridge over
Mercer Street. This work will start on June 25 and last for eight to ten  weeks. The Mercer West Project will need to restrict the number of
lanes on Aurora Avenue North to two in each direction when the bridge that crosses Mercer Street is rebuilt. This work will begin in early
2013 and continue through the end of 2015, when the bored tunnel opens to traffic.

The  new BAT lane will be in effect 24 hours per day, seven days per week, reserving the lane for buses and for any vehicle making a right turn.

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