April 16 Meeting about City Light Underground Cable Maintenance

Seattle City Light(SCL) is planning to upgrade the underground cable in part of Broadview.  SCL sent a notice to residents in the areas affected.  The cable is aging and in some places the protective insulation is deteriorating.  A silicon injection process will be used to fill any cracks and extend the life of the cable.

During the work there will be planned  power outages.  Customers will be notified about the specific date of a planned outage via a door hanger on the front door.  Outages typically will last 8 hours.

There will be a public meeting about the project at the Broadview Library on Monday, April 16 at 6:30 PM.  Customers living in an area with underground wiring will want to attend.  Here is a link to information about the meeting. http://www.seattle.gov/light/aboutus/construction/release.asp?RN=261


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