Construction on Linden Ave. Delayed

The Seattle Department of Transportation announced recently that the planned start of construction of the Linden Ave. N Complete Streets project has been delayed three months.  Below is the text of the announcement.

Construction of the Linden Avenue North Complete Street redevelopment project is delayed until late May or early June, 2012. The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) previously planned  to begin work in April, but encountered difficulties during the bidding
phase of the project.  SDOT is re-starting the bidding process and anticipates construction will begin by early June.

The Linden Avenue North Complete Street Project will redevelop Linden Avenue North between North 128th and North 145th Streets. Improvements include:

  • Re-paving and widening the roadway
  • Building continuous sidewalks, ramps and curbs
  • Creating buffered bike lanes to separate bicycle traffic from motorists and pedestrians
  • Adding a pedestrian crossing near the Community Center

What’s happening now?
You  may have noticed construction on Linden Avenue North is underway.   Seattle City Light is working to relocate street light and power poles, and place new utility vaults in order to prepare for the next phase of redevelopment.

Stay informed!
We  will be sending regular email updates to keep the community informed throughout construction. For more information, please visit Help us spread the word!  Please share this information with your neighbors and friends.

1 Comments on “Construction on Linden Ave. Delayed”

  1. Is anyone else wondering if the increase in crime in our area is a direct result of these massive low-income developments?

    Armed robberies in parking lots and KMart manager shot, increase residential burglaries, prositition, ect. I watched six boys leave Albertsons pulling stolen candy out of their shirts and walking over to the big building on 130th.

    I am convinced the large building on 130th and Linden and other one by the resevior have brought in an element of undesirables. In addition, the closure of the motels up by Aurora Bridge have pushed those people down to the hotels by us.

    Is there anyway we as a community can hold the building owners/management responsible for the criminal activity? Can they legally evict people who have numerous arrests?

    What can we do as a community to clean the place up? I feel like our neighborhood has taken a step back in safety. I’m ready to move but am too heavily invested.

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