Broadview Eight Weeks to Trim Your Waste -Diverting Textiles

Waste Management’s Think Green Recycling Challenge is going to end in March, these are the last weeks to reduce and reuse and recycle!

With two months to go, we are in the thick of our competition. Check out the campaign:

It’s still anyone’s ballgame, and we want to share some tools that will really make a difference in your neighborhoods.  Every week for the next seven weeks, WM will be sending tips on ways for the competing neighborhoods to successfully reduce their waste. 

Eight Weeks to Trim Your Waste – Diverting Textiles

Hello Think Green Recycling Challenge Partners-

I hope with last week’s resources, you are finding your waste a little trimmer. 

In my trunk, I have been carrying a pillow too old to donate to Goodwill.  As a diligent recycler, I couldn’t send it to the landfill, so it occupied my trunk until I could find a good home for it. 

In my search for a better way to retire my pillow, I discovered Retex, a local textile recycler.  They collect textiles – wearable or not – at convenient drop boxes throughout the city.  They accept any kind of clean, dry, fabric-based product or shoe.  The textiles are shipped to South America or Europe, where reusable textiles are separated from non-reusable fibers.   The non-reusable fibers could become anything from rags, to upholstery, insulation, or even paper!  Their methods support creating jobs in under-developed nations, while keeping waste out of our landfills.  To learn more about Retex, visit their website:

Utilizing this convenient service, will help make the world a better place, but it could also help your neighborhood win this competition!  You may have seen a Retex bin at your neighborhood gas station, grocery store, dry cleaner, or shoe store.  Below is a list of their Seattle drop-off locations.  Happy recycling!


For Shoes: All Other Textiles:
West Seattle: Magnolia:
The Sneakery Shell Station
4736 California Ave. SW 3317 W GOVERNMENT WAY,
Seattle, WA  98116 SEATTLE 98199
Greenwood: Ballard:
The Chocolate Shoe Box Shell Station
7410 Greenwood Ave. N. 5500 15TH AVE. NW
Seattle, WA  98103 SEATTLE 98107
Wedgewood: University District:
The Shoe Advantage Shell Wallingford
1008 NE 65th St. 210 NE 45TH STREET,
Seattle, WA  98115 SEATTLE 98105
Capitol Hill: Beacon Hill:
Fleet Feet Sports Shell Beacon Hill
911 E Pine St 2424 BEACON HILL AVE S.
Seattle, WA 98122 SEATTLE 98144
Wallingford: Wedgewood:
Shoes “n” Feet Wedgewood Market
3409 Stone Way N. #102 6256 35TH AVE. NE
Seattle, WA  98103 SEATTLE 98115
  Friendly Food Mart
  SEATTLE 98133
  Lake City:
  SEATTLE 98125
  West Seattle:
  Nutone Dry Cleaners
  9654 17TH AVE. SW
  SEATTLE. 98106

  Kristin Kinder

Education and Outreach Coordinator

Waste Management

(425) 647 – 1374 cell


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  1. Thanks for this post! I have some old shoes that have been sitting in a shoebox in the closet because I didn’t want to just throw them away, and they are too beat up to donate. I’ll be printing out this list!

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