Proposed Reduction in Metro Route 28 Service Postponed, for Now, But…

Last fall King County Metro proposed eliminating most bus service on Route 28 above NW 103rd St.  Based on public response Metro has deferred this change for now.  Here is the current statement from Metro about Route 28.

Recently Ashley DeForest, Community Relations Planner at Metro, sent the following e-mail about upcoming meetings where you can comment.  If you want to preserve current service speak up!

I just wanted to send you a quick update to let you know that our revised service change proposal for September 2012 is now available online at:

Last November, Metro asked for public comment on suggested service changes related to the Sept. 2012 start of the RapidRide C and D lines. We’ve incorporated that feedback into a revised service change proposal that is now ready for public review. Like the changes we originally suggested last fall, this proposal includes changes to routing, frequency, and the times of day when routes will operate.

Would you help us inform the people you serve about this revised proposal and their opportunities to provide input?

Public meetings

Please join us for one of these open houses or check our online calendar for a presentation or information table in your neighborhood. We’ll continue to update this calendar as additional events are confirmed, so please check back for the latest schedule.

Feb. 13 – Ballard (Ballard High School,
1418 NW 65th St, Seattle, 6-8 pm)

Feb. 15 – West Seattle (Madison Middle School,
3429 45th Ave SW, Seattle, 6-8 pm)

Feb. 16 – Delridge/White Center (Chief Sealth High
School, 2600 SW Thistle St, Seattle, 6-8 pm)

Feb. 21 – Downtown Seattle (Union Station, 401 S Jackson St, Seattle,
12-2 pm)

Feb. 23 – Queen Anne (Queen Anne Community Center,
1901 1st Ave W, Seattle, 6-8 pm)

Feb. 27 – Central Area/Mt Baker (Washington Middle
School, 2101 S Jackson St, Seattle, 6-8 pm)

2 Comments on “Proposed Reduction in Metro Route 28 Service Postponed, for Now, But…”

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  2. We need the route 28 to continue to serve those of us who live north of NW103rd. Street, at least during the day. There are many on this route who only have the option of taking the bus or taxis. We pay continually higher taxes and should receive services that are needed. We need to get to the doctor, store and other appointments that are open during the day. Walking up to Greenwood is not something everyone can do due to old age, etc. There’s no sidewalks out here and walking in the street with the cars is too dangerous.

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